What is this all about?

CreativeMornings, along with our Global Partner MailChimp, wants you to submit those zany, horrific, funny, and embarrassing emails you drafted but never had the courage to send. The Inbox of Forgotten Emails will act as a window into the world of unsent messages, never reaching their intended audience, but still finding a reader.

How do I contribute?

You can submit an email from your drafts, send one to us by email, make up a sender, your own name, and other details. All emails submitted are with the intention of being publicly viewable.

Are my emails anonymous?

Yup! You can submit using a pseudonym, and your email address is never shared.

Wait, why are you doing this?

Instead of sending that angry email to your colleague or desperate email to your ex, just share it anonymously for the world to see that we are not alone in our desperate email writing moments.

What’s MailChimp got to do with email?

Funny you should ask. MailChimp is not only CreativeMornings’ Official Partner for Communication, but also happens to be the world’s leading email marketing platform, sending more than a billion emails a day.

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